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If you are an entrepreneur, business owner, event organizer, or nonprofit owner, and you have an event coming up, here is why you must enroll in my group coaching program.

“I’m in charge of thinking of things before people know they need them.”

Organizing an event and making it successful is not everyone’s cup of tea. You can end up doing many things wrong than right and as a result, end up spending your precious dollars on unnecessary things than on the most important tasks.

If you work with someone like me, who has invested in, wasted, and recovered thousands of dollars in events, then you minimize your chances of wasting funds and ensuring that your event is super successful and that you make money from it.

When You Learn From Someone Who Has Been There and Done That, You Solidify Your Chances of Making Your Event A Success Than A Set Back In Your Profile.

Would you like that to happen?

If Yes, then I am offering a three-month group coaching program, especially for the ones who have a real event coming up pretty soon and would like to make it a 100% success!

Here is what you get in the Group Coaching Sessions!

Make Your Event A Super Success

Know The Dos and Donts To SAVE Thousands of Dollars

As a nonprofit business owner, I have had the opportunity to host a number of events and in the process, I learned the art of hosting PROFITABLE events.

The profits are not just in terms of fundraising dollars, or connections for a lifetime, but the profits are also in terms of repeatedly hosting events that cost less and provide a huge benefit for speakers, participants, sponsors, vendors, and of course, you, the organizer.

When you master the art of hosting successful events one after the other, you learn to constantly be present, be visible and be in sight and in the minds of people who matter to you.

When you are constantly visible, you get more work, more projects, more funds, more sales, and more word of mouth marketing.

Kessa GoodenAbout Kessa Gooden

Kessa Gooden is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, author, and philanthropist.

Through Global Awakened Initiative Inc. Kessa Gooden has been monumental in bringing together the brightest minds of our times, thought leaders, inspiring personalities and speakers to enlighten, educate and inspire our youth, entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals to do more and be more.

Since 2007, Kessa has been involved in Charity work on her own as well as serving on many charity boards, and the Miami Association of Realtors board. She served as a committee board member on the International Global Committee of Florida Realtors.

She is also the recipient of the Power of Collaboration Lifetime Achievement Award issued by His Royal Highness Clyde Rivers.

Through her organization, Kessa is on a mission to help the younger population of the world, by providing essential life skills.

She believes that the best way to achieve that is by getting our community involved in all that we do.

Now, Kessa is also taking up the responsibility of enlightening others on hosting the most successful events that have the attendance of the most renowned celebrities in the USA.

97% of event marketers believe that the number of hybrid (Offline and Online) events will increase in 2021 or later and 76% have never hosted a hybrid event before.

An event is not over until everyone is tired of talking about it.

DOs and DONTs of Hosting Events



On The Day of The Event …

The day of the event, is the day that you have been preparing for, for months!

The day of the event is when all your plans come to fruition.

The day of the event is also the day when many things go wrong or not as you expected them to go.

The day of the event is also when you run out of food and drinks, your most important people don’t show up and most importantly, your participants don’t show up in BIG numbers.

The day of the event is when the power breaks down, the internet breaks down, the speakers don’t have their presentations ready or they don’t have a compatible device that can be plugged into your system.

There are ten thousand things that could potentially go wrong on the day of the event and I can help you make sure that you are covered for 99% of those. There is still a 1% chance that you would encounter an unexpected problem but with my coaching, you would be able to fix that as well.

So, what are you waiting for..?

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